Google has in some way teased all Chrome users with some of the Android Google Play Store apps. In 2014, the search giant introduced a few of the Android apps on the Chrome operating system, and they followed that up with more and more. Eventually, around 29 apps became available on the Google Chrome OS.

To help integrate Android apps into the Chrome OS, they released the ARC Welder, a tool which allowed developers to port apps without any involvement from Google. Android apps however always felt like they were not part of the Chrome OS team, but Google is making steps to change that.

Android Apps To Invade Chrome OS, All of Them
Android Apps To Invade Chrome OS, All of Them

Reddit user /u/TheWiseYoda showed that there is now a setting in Chrome OS v51 (only available for developers at the moment) which says “Enable Android Apps to run on your Chromebook”. This really does not mean anything because Android apps have always been on the Chrome OS for a while. The option that was highlighted by the Reddit user quickly disappeared meaning he could not stick to see what happened.

However, after notifying others, they had better luck and they managed to enable the setting. The users after enabling the setting found out that it brought up a window which said: “Google Play store now on your Chromebook.” The enabled option also said users were now able to choose from “over a million apps to install and use on your Chromebook”.

Just like for /u/TheWiseYoda with the earlier checkbox, this window automatically disappears fast also. The news is certainly interesting and leaves fanatics wondering if this could be the big Google I/O news this year.


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