Last month it was announced that Android apps are making their way into the Chrome OS and it finally happened. The Google play store is now officially available to the Chrome OS but as of now only one particular device ASUS Chromebook flip is the one to receive it on the developer release channel.

Chrome OS
Chrome OS

What users are required to do is just boot up your Chromebook and the play store icon will be soon appeared in the taskbar. Click on it, accept the terms & condition and you will be all set to use it. But as this Chromebook device is not meant for the call, text and does not have any GPS or rear camera so app requiring all these features is not compatible in the play store and you can’t install them in the Chromebook device. However, other apps will really work well and particularly the games. If you specifically use your Chromebook flip for gaming, then it might act as the best Android desktop having better battery life and a bigger display than Smartphone that will let you enjoy the games at your best.

Enjoy The Android Apps on Windows in Chrome OS

Now, there might be a question such as where to put these android apps as Chromebook do not do a desktop stuff so you should create a folder that is to be manually managed and put all the installed apps in that folder while this might be bit frustrating to many of us.
Coming to the notification part, the android apps will receive notification when it is opened or is minimized but in case you close the apps, the notification will be gone and will be available next time you open the app again.

Overall this will be a nice experience to enjoy the android apps on windows in Chrome OS and eventually the experience will be far better with time.


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