Running Android applications on your PC has long been a choice with various hacks, however Google has now legitimized the process, allowing anyone to run their most loved Android applications on a desktop or laptop running either Windows, OS X or Linux – and everything you need is the Chrome software.

Google has released a Chrome application named ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) in beta in order to allow developers the ability to test their applications on a desktop or laptop. This also allows non-developers to run Android applications on their PC and it isn’t difficult to do so.

The main thing you will need is a version of the Chrome which is over 40 (downloadable here) and the ARC Chrome application (found here). Once the application has been added to the application launcher inside Chrome, an Android application’s APK needs to be found. A basic Google search will yield results. When downloaded, open the ARC application and find the .apk document which has been downloaded and open it. The ARC application will give various settings – which orientation the screen should be and so on – and once you are happy with those, just click “Launch App” and the application will begin.

The product is just in beta, so don’t expect perfect service, however the applications that I loaded functioned well and Google will be regularly updating ARC in order to add new features.


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