While the well known companies are coming out with their latest version of Graphics card, AMD is well prepared to jump into the war with its amazing innovation. Nvidia made it with its enthusiasts GeForce GTX 1080 available at $600 and GTX 1070 at $380 but the picture is something different for AMD.

The company unveiled their Radeon RX 480 graphics card in the Computex trade show held in Taipai that is the first graphics card based on Polaris Graphics Processor and is designed to deliver high performance just as the $500 graphics card such as GeForce GTX 980, Radeon R9 390X and air-cooled Radeon Fury. With all these, the best part is this graphics card will cost you just $200. The sale will be started on June 29th, so get ready for that.

Radeon RX 480

Radeon RX 480 Graphics Card to Deliver Even Much Improved Performance

AMD and Nvidia both the companies shifted to 20nm technology after 2011 and now they make uses of 16nm technology but the adoption of 14nm technology in the Polaris graphics processor made their latest innovation Radeon RX 480 graphics card to deliver even much improved performance. This card will be available in both 4GB and 8GB configuration along with data sent over 256-bit bus. Another important point to mention is the power consumption, this card utilize 150 watt for a single 6-pin connector which is really less when compared to high priced and power hungry graphics card such as R9 390X.

In the exterior design side, this Radeon RX 480 graphics card borrow the same attractive and sleek design from its very own Radeon Nano and Fury X from AMD. Altogether a jaw-dropping performance in such less price is a very good news to the PC gaming masses and if you are still not included in the mass, it is high time to be a PC gamers.


  1. Hmmm

    It may be delivering more “performance per watt” but in terms of raw power and game performance the R9 480 isn’t actually offering more performance than the existing R9 390cards. And I highly doubt even close to the Fury Nano cards. Consider that a Nano has floating point scores around 8200 GFLOPS and the 390X around 5500 GFLOPS. WHile this new card is limited to about 5000 GFLOPS. Which as well all know are simply not powerful enough in a single card configuration to run maxed out in many games above 1080P resolutions. This is also for the 4 GB card. And particularly with VR 8GB is needed. The 480 is a cheap low mid-range card with last generation game performance.


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