There is soon going to be two more Fire TV streaming devices. Amazon is about to release devices one of which resembles a set-top box and the other is a dongle which is similar to a Google Chromecast. Both the devices would support 4K video at 60fps and are expected to be in the mid and high tier price range of the Fire TV price.

The dongle would connect to a TV with a HDMI cable and is meant for those who are looking for HDR and Ultra HD ability from an affordable TV stick. This mid-range model would have a 1.5 GHz quad-core CPU and a Mali-450 GPU along with 2GB RAM and an internal storing capacity of 8GB. Although the specs are better than the earlier Fire TV stick but it is lesser powerful when compared to the TV box.

Amazon to Release Two New Fire TV Devices Soon
Amazon to Release Two New Fire TV Devices Soon

The second device would be a cube with Alexa integrated into the system – action, volume and mute buttons and would replace the present second-gen Fire TV box. The device has been developed to operate like a set-top Echo device would assimilate easily with big home theatre setups because of the infrared emitter which has been built-in to control other equipment and would probably have ports such as a built-in Ethernet port which are not available on the lower-priced Amazon Fire TV models.

Both the devices would be able to control any TV even if they don’t support the HDMI CEC standard. This is possible because of they have been developed with a built-in IR blaster.

The release dates of these devices haven’t been confirmed and neither have their prices been revealed. However, on an estimate, the mid-tier dongle may be priced at $80 while the cube could be made available for a bit more than $100.


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