The giant e-commerce company Amazon unveiled its first branded cargo plane in Seattle. The plane was one of the forty Boeing jets which will make up Amazon’s own transportation network. Amazon has branded its first cargo plane as “Amazon One” will be seen flying the skies on Friday over Seattle’s Lake Washington.

The passion for timely and speedy delivery of the products to their increased number of customers pushed Amazon to lease the jets from Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings and Transport Services Group Inc. About one billion packages were estimated to have been delivered in 2015 – the number equalled to the packages which FedEx delivered three years earlier.

Amazon One
Amazon Unveils Freight Planes as it Magnifies Delivery Network

Amazon has faced problems with dependable air freight services. The company had refunded hundreds of customers in 2013 who received their parcels late during Christmas time because of bad weather and a sudden increase in online shopping because of which FedEx and UPS delayed their delivery services.

According to the analysts, having a controlled air fleet will help the company to deliver its customers immediately with no extra delivery charges.

Of the forty Boeing jets which have been leased eleven planes have already taken wings and are delivering parcels for Amazon’s annual Prime loyalty program which offers two-day shipping free and other bonuses. It will take another couple of years for the remaining freight planes to take flight.

Senior Vice President of Amazon, Dave Clark, disclosed that Amazon plans on continuing their partnership with UPS, FedEx, and other partners as leading freight planes were simply supplementing their transportation requirements because of the company’s growth and a number of parcels to be delivered.

The company continues to pull up distribution centres and sorting plants which arrange parcels by ZIP code for easy and fast delivery. There are about 125 fulfillment centres across the globe.

Their second quarter profit accounts to a massive $857 million on $30 billion. The company doesn’t plan on carrying parcels of other companies but constantly gauge its position.


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