Amazon introduced a $50 Fire tablet last year that was actually fairly good for the price and made Amazon make waves. The company is continuing with the cheap devices trend as they unveil the new Fire tablets which offer 16 GB of storage, an 8GB storage increase from the former versions. The new Fire tablets are priced at $70 and debut with some new color options such as the magenta, blue and tangerine.

These choices, however, were previously available for the high-end FIRE HD devices.

Amazon launches mid-range tablet with 16 GB capacity
Amazon launches mid-range tablet with 16 GB capacity

Om top of the Fire tablet upgrades that Amazon is planning, they are also introducing the Fire Kids Edition which is going to be available with another 16 GB of internal storage with a starting price of $120. The device is pricey because of the advantages input in it. A kid-proof case and a 2-year insurance plan for when the child breaks it are also part of the $120 price. The 8 GB version of the tablet costs $100 as usual.

These new midrange Fire tablets continually provide the 7” IPS display (171 ppi / 1024 x 600), 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, front and rear cameras. It also features a microSD slot enabling you to extend the storage capacity to more than the given capacity. It comes loaded with the newer version of the Fire OS, offering functionalities such as the “Blue Shade”, which offers better night reading giving you a good sleep. Another Amazon features such as X-Ray, Amazon FreeTime for the kids, access to Amazon’s content of library including songs, books, videos, apps, and games is also available.

The main part of the tablet is that there is now more storage for your money. It’s actually a good bargain if you can spare the extra $20 since games, apps, movies and most media content can take up space easily on a mobile device. 8 GB is too small for the modern man. The new devices are live on the Amazon website as of now.


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