Amazon has added a 64 GB to the extremely low priced Fire 10 HD range of tablets and this is available at an unbelievable price of $289.99. Fire 10 HD had existing models of 16GB and 32GB models earlier which were pretty neat. The Fire 10 HD has earned cool reviews earlier for its long battery life which lasts for more than six hours in a run-down test with full-screen brightness, with the Wi-Fi on and stress-free access to all contents of Amazon. The amazing cloud storage of Fire 10HD for all your clicks is one of the boosts in the tablet. The hitches to the model are its grainy screen and the device seems to be hefty and has a lose grip on hand.

Fire 10 HD

New, Silver Coloured Aluminium Complete Body

Surprisingly the tablet with new capacity also comes with a new complete body which is silver coloured aluminium. The 64 GB version is available only in this silver aluminium body. The earlier versions of black and white are not available for the 64 GB storage capacity device. The screen is a 10.1” screen with 1280 x 800 pixels panel.

Fire 10 HD is based on Android

The phone is based on Android, Fire OS 5 Bellini. It is powered by quad-core MediaTek processor that pillars 1.5GHz for two cores and 1.2GHz for the remaining two and has 1GB RAM. 5 MP rear camera lets you capture pretty good quality images. The tablet is an average in performance but the games can be played smoothly on the Fire 10 HD.

The device comes with a lock screen advertising which you can remove at the time of buying or later on by paying about $15. For now, the tablet seems to be a thumbs-up for the large screen lovers at such an economical price.


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