Amazon has come up with a quite interesting feature for its Prime members. The feature is an outfit compare tool that has the ability to judge your clothing. The working of the feature is quite simple; all you have to do is put 2 pictures of yourself in different outfits and receive a response in a few minutes about the better choice. The aim is to help the users choose an outfit that is comparatively better and more appropriate fashion-wise.

It wasn’t clear how exactly Amazon’s Outfit comparing tool actually worked. Amazon revealed that the results were based on the user’s fit, style, color combination and current trends. It is quite clear that despite advanced algorithm, it isn’t really possible to automatically generate an opinion over clothes.

Amazon introduces an interesting feature, An outfit compare app
Amazon introduces an interesting feature, An outfit compare app

Amazon said that the app is in fact powered by a team of fashion specialists. Reportedly, these fashion specialists come from a variety of fashion related backgrounds, this means that there is enough diversity in the opinions. However, it is still hard to believe that a team of fashion experts is always available for users to judge their day to day outfits.

The app lets you know its judgment based on a “Style Scale”. The ranking has 3 levels; “Definitely Pick This One!”, “We Like This Better” and “It Was A Close Call”. The app only judges the outfit it the picture is complete head to toe shot, which makes sense; for an outfit judgment complete outfit must be visible.

However, there were some glitches in the app that were soon noticed. The app doesn’t judge whether the pictures being compared belong to the same person or not. You can even compare your outfit to that of a celebrity and still get a response.

The exact motive of Amazon behind this app is still unknown since it is not related to their original work. The feature was added to iOS and will soon be available to android users too.


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