Nations ‘Big Five’ – Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and IBM have publicized the launch of Partnership on Artificial Intelligence(AI). The mighty group has undertaken to study and uphold best practices. This basically means that this team of tech giants will gather regularly to converse about progressions in Artificial Intelligence. They have also structured a way to communicate with each other across the company lines. It shouldn’t be forgotten that the companies are in a perpetual rivalry against each other to create the most sought services and products driven by mechanical intelligence.

Initially, the creators of the group will look after the financial needs of the group. However, membership and partnership are predicted to grow. Coming weeks will see media, ethicists, non-profit organisations and other stakeholders partaking in the dialogue.

Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM And Google Form An Organization On AI
Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM And Google Form An Organization On AI

Co-founder and head of applied AI at DeepMind, Mustafa Suleyman on behalf of the company expressed the desire to implicate all those who have been influenced by AI.

The non-corporate groups will have the same stand just as the bigger tech companies do in the group.

It is clear that the new organization is looking forward to stimulating change by examples. Instead of having discussions they look forward to opening licence to publish studies on various topics such as inclusive, privacy and much more.

The centre of the group is an invigorating contrast to more pop-culture debates about the jeopardies of Artificial Intelligence. The group will also look at the trending problems in Artificial Intelligence. One of them which is quite visible is that the computers are intensifying the deleterious propensities in humans. A biased world could consequence in biased data and in turn bias AI structures.

Companies like Microsoft have already taken steps to battle this and created an AI ethics advisory board. The new organization will help in the already undertaken individual projects and share valuable advice through a forum. The team has also declared to make the discussions and minutes of the meeting available to the public.


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