Cities in Seattle are all busy readying their proposals after the globe’s largest online retailer Amazon announced that they would be opening a second headquarters here.

They plan the second one to be as big as the first one and have already invited the state and local governments to submit proposals for an approximately $5 billion project in the coming 15 years. Dallas, Chicago, Connecticut, Tennessee, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, Michigan, San Diego and more have shown interest in the proposal. The new headquarters would have at-least 50,000 workers – most of them would be newly recruited. The application can be submitted through a special website and the decision would be taken in 2018.

Amazon Announces A Second Headquarters In Seattle
Amazon Announces The Second Headquarters In Seattle

Founder and CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos expressed that the company expects the second headquarters to be equal to the first one. A new headquarters would also mean high paying jobs and a lot of investments.

Amazon is looking forward to having its new campus in a metropolitan area where there are more than one million people residing so they have enough talent to explore.

The staff at the new office would earn more than $100,000 annually. 2019 has been set for the development of the first phase and would need 500,000 square feet. The total estimated square feet required would be 8,000,000 square feet after 2027.

Amazon has been expanding its business rapidly and ever since it has started cloud computing it has been exploding with growth and development. It will soon start opening fulfillment centers in the United State and across the world because it is expanding the line of products which would range to from books to groceries.

They have already publicised about a facility for New York which would one among the 21 warehouses in the United States that would work with more than 25,000 employees.


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