Everyone knows that Apple is very secretive when it comes to their work in progress, so the following features are speculation based on the development of innovative technology and Apple’s cycle history. Since Apple releases a new design every other year, it is predicted that the iPhone 7 will have an entirely new design although it is estimated that it will appear very similar to the iPhone 6.

While it may appear similar to the iPhone 6, the iPhone 7 is rumored to have a sleeker design that is 1mm slimmer than the iPhone 6 due to eliminating the headphone jack. This would mean that Bluetooth headphones are necessary, or headphones will need to connect with the use of the lightning connector. This sleek design also calls for eliminating the antenna bands that run along the back of the shell.

Amazing New Features and Design of the iPhone 7
Amazing New Features and Design of the iPhone 7

Similar to i5 and i6, two models will be introduced. The iPhone 7 and the 7plus. Based on previous iPhone cycles it may be expected that the iPhone 7 could have an increase of RAM of up to 4GB and include an A10 processor, as well as the ability to support wireless charging.

Rumors support the idea that the new iPhone 7 will have two rear-facing cameras that will enable it to take wide angled shots as well as enhance the panoramic experience. Also helping to maintain the sleek design the cameras will not protrude from the shell.

Considering Apple’s predictable cycle, we can expect to see the debut of the iPhone 7 in the fall of 2016. With there being many months of development left there may be more amazing features to look forward to.


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