The value of important data like a business and other critical documents is priceless and when this data is lost somehow, we really become blank as we are left with no choice but to scratch our heads. But if you are using a Mac OS X, then start leaving a worry free life as there is a perfect solution to this issue. Disk Drill is a very powerful data recovery app especially designed for Mac OS X which recovers all the deleted files along with providing you the utmost protection.

Disk Drill from Cleverfiles is a feature rich software that does a lot more than just recovering the deleted files.

Disk Drill
Disk Drill

Disk Drill Can Recover Data From All Internal, External Hard Drives

This app can recover data from all internal, external hard drives, USB, memory card, kindles etc. Packed with powerful algorithm this app is able to read the device even if it is unreadable, failing or else has lost a partition. Recovering the lost or deleted files is a simple one click job where after completing the scanning, you will be presented with all the files that can be potentially recovered.

Another best part is, in case you have enabled the data protection feature in Disk Drill, some of the methods of file recovery for Mac will be available for free. This data recovery app is packed with three free features which prevent any kind of future data loss, these are Recovery vault (tracks all the lost files along with remembering their location and filename), guaranteed recovery (it creates a copy of all the files deleted from trash with an undelete option) and S.M.A.R.T (it keeps checking the hard drive in order to warn you in case there is any sign of failing it).

With all these, users will be also able to enjoy some free disk tools along with this Disk Drill app.


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