Alphabet, the world’s most valuable company and parent company to Google seem to be giving up on Boston Dynamics.

Reports claim that the company aims to sell the robotics firm. Alphabet has another robotics firm on their hands, called SCHAFT, which just unveiled a bipedal robot that can do so much more than just walk. The robot is made only of robotic legs.

Alphabet Unveils Bipedal Robot
Alphabet Unveils Bipedal Robot

Alphabet, purchased SCHAFT, back in 2013, and merged the company into its X division immediately. A year after the purchase, SCHAFT won a DARPA sponsored contest and then news about the robotic company just subsided after that. Apparently, the company had been working on the bipedal robot which was unveiled at the New Economic Summit (NEST) expo last Thursday.

The robot is capable of doing a lot of things on top of walking including climbing stairs, navigating the rough terrain like dirt, snow, and rocks, overcome obstacles and balance it very well. The robot, which does not have a name at the moment, is essentially all leg with no hips, knees, ankles and any other body part to help it move around. It has a sort of robotic ankle that allows it to land flat-footed.

Alphabet says that the robot is inexpensive, low powered and its powertrain is located between its legs. This gives it a low center of gravity and allows self-balance. Maximum weight capacity is 132 pounds/60 kg and it showed this by balancing a barbell on its head at the conference.

Alphabet mentioned this was not a formal launch and from the looks of things if Boston Dynamics eventually is sold, all will be well


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