Apple has given a deadline to all developers pertaining to the Apple Watch. As of June 1, all apps that are going to be on the WatchOS are required to be native apps. Native apps can be built by the watchOS 2 software development kit.

The news which was published on Apple’s developer website is one of Apple’s new ways to try and advance the watch platform and readdress some of the complaints relating to the sluggish third party apps.

All new watchOS 2 apps to be native by 1st of June, Apple tells developers
All new watchOS 2 apps to be native by 1st of June, Apple tells developers

The WatchOS 2 was launched last June after the device had hit wide distribution. Thanks to the newly gained access to the watchOS 2 software development kit, developers gained abilities to create their own custom watch face complications and at the same time get the chance to access other hardware elements such as the Digital Crown, Taptic Engine, microphone and the loudspeaker. Other software support for HealthKit, which is Apple’s biometric data repository, was also put in the features giving the user ability to perform functions such as reading accelerometer data and also writing workout data which could be sent back to the Activity app.

The last watchOS 2 version to come was equipped with improvements and interface components which included Siri, Apple Pay and Wallet, Maps and more.

For those early adopters of the Apple Watch who felt underwhelmed by the performance from some of the third-party Apple Watch apps, watchOS 2 gave developers ability to create native apps which had maximum performance. The feature allowed users to use the Watch without having to move back and forth between the iPhone and the Watch, which made for a better user experience.

The requirement that every app be a native one on the Watch means that users can now use the device without experiencing slow load times.


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