Smart speakers have been gaining fame recently and leading tech giants Amazon and Google have been battling to develop the best features in their products. In April this year, Google Home was in news for being able to detect individual voices which let the device personalize its response to all the people staying in a family. This way one could get their individual things when they asked the assistant such as – music playlist or calendar briefing etc. There was no mix up in calling contacts using the home speaker.  Not wanting to lag far behind Amazon engineers also set to work and announced about this same feature in Alexa.

Voice Recognition can be set up using Echo Show or Echo Dot or Echo. Amazon also said that voice recognition will get better and smarter with time and usage.

Alexa Will be Able to Identify Individual Voices
Alexa Will be Able to Identify Individual Voices

Amazon’s AI assistant will now be able to differentiate between multiple voices and offer a personalized response. You just need to go to the settings of Alexa app and click Your Voice and then begin with the phrases. Users are required to read 10 phrases loudly which will be used by Alexa to create a voice profile. The data is then stored in the cloud.  Once this is done the voice profiles work across other Echo devices and almost all the third-party devices that use Alexa.

As the feature is set up Alexa will understand and learn your voice along with the other members who are staying in the family. Once this is done the smart speaker would be able to offer a personalized experience to its users.

For now, the features can be used for messaging, shopping, calling, flash briefing and Amazon Music unlimited Family Plan but soon the company would be adding more Alexa features in the future.

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