Blockchain technology platform DECENT, in partnership with Dragonfly, a distribution platform for games, today announces the launch of ALAX, an undergoing project using blockchain to improve the speed and efficiency of app sales.

DECENT, developers of a proprietary blockchain platform called DCore, is using the blockchain to help Dragonfly reduce costs, tackle piracy issues, and speed up exchange rates payment processing.

ALAX, A Project Using Blockchain To Improve And Quicken Games Transactions
ALAX, A Project Using Blockchain To Improve And Quicken Games Transactions

Traditionally, to buy games or apps, users had to use PayPal, credit cards, or make payments using prime rate SMS, where mobile network operators would take 50-70% commission from the price paid by the user for an app/game.

With ALAX, payments can be made to the developer directly using ALAX tokens, reducing the price of the sold content for gamers, and quickening the transaction. Game developers can then exchange the ALAX tokens for a FIAT currency (USD, EUR, THB, PHP..) at any time.

Since all the transactions are recorded in the blockchain, developers will have a precise overview of the sales of their games, and be able to ensure they are getting a fair deal.  It will not only increase the confidence of game developers but also keep up with the ever-increasing demand for game sales – which is currently at 2000 transactions per second and expected to grow to 7000+ in the upcoming years.

The gaming industry has entered the mainstream, with a huge increase in app and game downloads. However, the market remains tough for game developers. DECENT estimates that game developers receive max 70% of the profit from an app, and it can often take 3-6 months for all payments to be processed creating a delay in payouts. The launch of ALAX will further develop this transparent blockchain market, creating a smoother and more efficient transaction process.

Since partnering with Dragonfly we have been committed to providing a framework where users have a method of payment that is as easy as an SMS payment, but where the collection was instant, and with no commission. We are proud to have made this possible with the launch of ALAX.

Said Matej Michalko, Founder, CEO, and President of DECENT.

The ALAX app store will be created initially for Android and launched on markets, where Dragonfly currently has the strongest representation, India, Thailand and the Philippines. Additional markets will be added later on.

About Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a distribution platform for apps and games, committed to serving the global community and with a special focus on emerging markets (2.5 billion and growing). Dragonfly is already delivering quality gaming content with chart-topping titles like Game of War, to a massive market with over 100 Million monthly active users worldwide. Dragonfly has maintained consumer reach and steady growth with conveniently pre-installed mobile marketplaces on their channel partners’ devices. (Vivo, Oppo, Huawei, True, Jio, MMX, Advan, Mito, Cherry and more.)


The DECENT Foundation was established in 2015, by Matej Michalko and Matej Boda. A Swiss company, DECENT is focused on using the power of blockchain to take on some of the biggest issues of our digital age. At the heart of DECENT is DCore, a proprietary platform based on blockchain technology. With DCore and deep understanding of blockchains, DECENT collaborates with a number of industries, with companies like Dragonfly, Venaco Group, and more.

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