The Apple AirPods is much more than just a pair of earplugs. They have fairly good reviews about them. The market hardly has good wireless earbuds and Apple’s AirPods seems to have earned a good reputation for itself.

We are all aware of the inability of Apple’s products to work perfectly with non-Apple devices but AirPods seems to be different from them. They work wonderfully with Android phones and if you are looking forward to buying these perfect pair of wireless earbuds then the app from DotArrow would help you in using them in a better way.

AirPods Can Activate Google Assistant With Double Tap on Your Android Phone
AirPods Can Activate Google Assistant With Double Tap on Your Android Phone

‘AirpodsForGA’ app from DotArrow lets you enable Google Assistant just by double-tapping on either or the AirPods. This shortcut is the same which is used to trigger Siri when it is paired with the iPhone. Another way of activating the Google Assistant is by using the wake word ‘OK Google’ but this tap gesture seems to be quicker than this doesn’t it?

There is a limitation to this tap gesture – the app works well when the phone is locked but seems doesn’t always respond when the device is unlocked.

These AirPods look like Bluetooth headsets that Apple made back in 2007 for iPhone. The AirPods look extremely elegant and the fact that it has no wires makes you even more satisfied when using it. The battery for it lasts more than 5 hours and charging it once throughout the day would suffice. They also sit well in your ears and don’t fall off while you go running or jogging. You also don’t have to worry about them getting tangles inside your bag or having broken wires.

There are quite good reviews about the ‘AipodsForGA’ app in the Play Store which means non-Android users are already using it and it seems to work fine for them.


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