Airmail, powerful email client initially for Mac users, has made the crossover to iPads also. The app recently made its way to the iPhone a couple of months ago and now had made the shift to the iPad.

The app is now available on the iPad platform, thereby completing the suite. Airmail for iPad can support keyboard shortcuts and iOS 9 multitasking features including the Split View and the Slide Over feature. These two features allow you to use your iPad for other things like browsing the Internet or connecting to social media networks.

Airmail Now On iPad for $4.99
Airmail Now On iPad for $4.99

The free update also includes loads and loads features for the iPhone and iPad versions. New features include the Touch ID support, customized shortcuts and a new gesture which allows you to maneuver between messages and a whole lot of new integrations and improvements.

The new version also has an added option for reading receipts, scheduling sent messages, drawing support within the app. It also has new actions such as the ability to be able to easily unsubscribe from newsletters, make use of a 2 finger swipe gesture to move between messages or go full screen with a 2 finger long press. New apps and services such as Byword, Due, Readdle’s Calendar 5 and PDF Expert 5, and more have been integrated into the system.

Airmail is also available on Apple Watch where it has improved the sync with the watchOS version of the app. Full release notes of the app are:

What’s New in Version 1.1?

– New iPad Support – New iPad Multitasking with split view – New Keyboard Support – New Custom Shortcuts – New Touch ID support – New Extended Recipient – New Smart Folders – Saved Search – New IMAP Root – New Message to groups – New Reply ~ Reply All detection switch – New Send Later (Gmail – Exchange) – New Draw Sketch – New 2 finger Swipe to next message – New Read Receipt – New Archive and Star option

– New Action Add to contacts – New Action Full Screen, 2 finger LongPress on message – New Action Unsubscribe Newsletters – New Integration Due – New Integration Proud – New Integration Readdle Calendar5 – New Integration Readdle PDF Expert5 – New Integration Byword – New Integration Parcel – New Integration Instapaper – New Integration Pocket Informant

– Improved Transfer – Improved Shipments detection – Improved All Message Folder – Improved Evernote Attachments Integration – Improved Snooze Extended to 3 months – Improved Rendering of very Long Message – Improved AOL support sync – Improved Drafts – Improved POP3 Notifications – Improved Documents – Improved Threads – Improved Rendering – Improved Performance – Improved Apple Watch Sync – Improved Search with Saved Search and Smart Folders – Improved Localization – Bug Fix

It’s great to see the app now available on all Apple platforms as it is one of the best apps to use to access all your email accounts.

The app is available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch for $4.99 on the App Store.


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