Airbnb is now implementing better security measures to prevent from scammers from getting hold a user’s account and making doing business with it. It is now introducing a multi-factor authentication system. This will now mean that any host or guest that logs on to Airbnb from a new device will have to verify their identity with a second account.

This can be done either through E-mail or text message. The greater majority of social networks and communications apps have already had this feature for quite some time or even from the very beginning. These include the likes of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Airbnb has really left this feature out for quite some time, it’s a wonder how they survived this long.

Airbnb to Increase Security Measures to prevent Scams
Airbnb to Increase Security Measures to prevent Scams

Although identity theft is a problem, with Airbnb it is rather different. In most cases when an account is compromised, this means that someone else has the access to a user’s E-mails and/or can impersonate them. This may also lead to someone else purchasing through the compromised user. In the case of Airbnb however, the problem is that a third party can get access to a user’s home information and even be able to rent it to others without them knowing. This is definitely a matter of concern.

The new authentication system also uses machine learning to check for unusual behavior of an account. This may include checking to see if an account has made multiple attempts at logging in. The users may also be asked additional information after logging on to confirm if the correct person has logged on through the account.

The company will also implement SMS alerts to let people know of their account logins. However, the company also states that many have already suffered losses at the hands of scammers. These security features will definitely help users’ information and access stay safe.


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