The increasing effort of Afghan Militant Group to boost global visibility has been seen in the form of their own Android App. The Militant Group developed this app to attract more people towards Terrorism. The app was named as Alemarah, which was directly accessible to videos and statements made by this Militant Group.

They had also developed a website in five different languages while robust social media presence has already supported them for brainwashing of young girls and guys. The Google Inc has confirmed it that the app was no longer available for download in the Play Store barely a day after the launch. It was also revealed that the Persian version of this app is also under process by this Militant Group.

Many of the Older Guard Militants of the Groups like Afghan Taliban may feel they’re losing out in this era of IS and it’s disturbingly tech-savvy ways. The Taliban can demonstrate to potential recruits that it’s just as technologically hip as its younger competitors by tapping into these kinds of new technologies.

The Taliban have developed a Media-Savvy PR Team that reaches out to an audience worldwide by using Digital Technology and help them a lot to convey their messages as well. The removal of this app was a big step taken by Google.

It has definitely saved lots of future plans of terrorism made by Taliban. The increased online access and advanced tech methods have made it easier to observe and report any of such web pages or apps.


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