If you are going in that direction which has no road, Aero-X is essential for you, a bike which can travel in the air without making any touch to the ground. It runs over about 10 feet from the surface and goes up to 45 miles per hour. It is a unique vehicle that you must have never seen before.

Aero-x is a product of more than 15 years of examines and progress. The speeder bike is motorized by a 240 horsepower engine and has two rotors. It can handle up to 310 pounds weigh.

AEROFEX AERO-X The Flying Vehicle
AEROFEX AERO-X The Flying Vehicle

This flying bike can be used for various outside purposes like investigation, rescue and research, patrolling the border, ruin, aerial agricultural, study on outdoor equipment and many others.

Maybe you have a dream to visit the desert by flying or have some other dreams in your eyes about flying since the childhood. The Aero-X will help you to fulfill your yearnings which are related with flying and adventure.

As the Aero-X is a machine to fly, you need to learn to control it carefully in training just on weekend. It will make your movement according to speeder flying vehicle. It will recharge a little of even the most central helicopter or airplane. You do not have to pay much for maintenance of it, as it has very few moving parts and motorized by a dependable revolving engine.

Because of a comprehensive research and improvement phase, the bike may have a dangerous effect due to having two rotors; make sure that it will be a safe, easily controllable and enjoyable vehicle.

At present, it is available for a preorder for a refundable amount $5000 and the ending component is scheduled to be presented in 2017 at the cost of $85,000


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