Snapchat has grown to become one of the largest social networks on the planet. It’s no wonder that they allow companies to advertise on the social network by sponsoring geofilters. Geofilters are actually a way of advertising. Snap said that in the past when Wendy’s sponsored a geofilter for their jalapeño chicken sandwich, it resulted in 42,000 people visiting Wendy’s outlets in the next week alone.

Now Snap will also let brands and companies see just how effective their sponsored geofilters have been. For this, they have developed the Snap to Store tool. It works by tracking the location of the user after they have viewed a sponsored geofilter. Not only is the user that took a picture with a geofilter tracked but their friends, who saw the picture and/or visited the location, are also tracked.

Advertisers on Snapchat can Now Monitor Geofilter Effectiveness
Advertisers on Snapchat can Now Monitor Geofilter Effectiveness

The tool works by keeping tabs on the user’s data and location. Snap has also partnered with Foursquare to power their geofilters and know where a user is at a given time. This may seem invasive of personal space and would not be welcomed by many people, yet a lot of free apps have access to user information through the permissions they are granted before downloading.

Snap to Store, however, does not collect data in the background. If the app was not opened at the location of a geofilter location then it cannot be tracked. Alternatively, location sharing with the app can be disabled via the settings panel in the user’s phone. Even the smart ads, advertisements tailored to a user’s preferences, can be disabled.

The tool was initially launched for only a few companies like Wendy’s, 7-Eleven and Paramount. However, it may soon be launched for the greater community of companies and brands that advertise on Snapchat and wish to know how well their efforts have been.


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