Apple has been looking at ways to make more money and they might have just found one of them. The company has now started showing some ads on the iOS App Store for the US users. Terms which are popular searches for on the App Store such as taxi, calendar and to-do list, will deliver the banner advert for the promoted apps on the search results.

The most valued company in the world noted that they had plans at the beginning of the year to start such a venture and a select group of developers who signed up to the iOS 10 beta already has the ads being shown. However, Apple is about to release the adverts to the regular users too.

Ads start appearing on the Apple App Store as the company tries to shake up the app ecosystem
Ads start appearing on the Apple App Store as the company tries to shake up the app ecosystem

Some paid ads on the part of Apple will go a long way to improving the revenue model of the apps which are shown on Apple’s App Store. Th senior vice president for the company, Phil Schiller, announced earlier this year to reporters that the company wanted to be fair to developers and to the fair indie developers too.

Paid Ads Will Help The Apps

The App Store has become more crowded recently, and apps now have problems standing out from the crowd. Paid ads will help the apps to combat such things and Apple will also start to remove some abandoned apps from the App Store to declutter the Store.

The paid ads success is still unknown of course because we don’t know their working model yet. The ad gesture might be used to harm users. One screenshot which was taken showed that a search for Pokemon Go showed off one Pokemon knock off which is named Catch em.

The game sits above the Pokemon Go game, which is also the desired result. Worries that the feature might be used by spammers to hijack popular search results arise. However, Apple wants developers to hop on and they are offering developers who sign up now $100 as an incentive.


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