Acer has recently unveiled their two small travel laptops Switch V 10 and Switch One 10 which runs on Windows 10 and have almost all the needed features such as light weight, small size, longer battery life and recharging via USB cable that is ideal for travelling. These two laptops look almost similar while carrying similar features as well. For example, both are powered with Intel’s Quad-core Atom processor, 10 inch IPS screen with 1280×800 resolution and removable keyboard. So, the laptop can be used as a tablet as well without the keyboard. The hinge ensures the laptops can be set as required for better presentation or enjoying any video or movie. Both the travel laptops are reasonably priced.

Acer Unveiled Their Best Travel Laptop Contenders Switch V 10 And Switch One 10 Laptops

Switch V 10
Switch V 10

The switch V 10 model is available in different metal covers such as black, white, red and two different shades of blue. It is also equipped with a fingerprint reader to ensure security while the screen is secured with antimicrobial Gorilla Glass. This model will be available in two version 32GB and 64GB, however, it is always good to go for the bigger one. It has to offer one more version with a keyboard that will provide built-in 500GB hard drive along with two USB-A ports while the slim keyboard version will not include the mentioned feature.

Switch One 10
Switch One 10

But the other model Switch One 10 will accompany lesser features than the previous one as it is priced cheaper and it will have a brushed metal cover.

Starting price of Switch V 10 is $250 while the other model will be priced at $200 starting. Switch V 10 is ready to ship by the third quarter in North America while Switch One 10 will be available from this July only.

Both these models make a good fit for travelling.


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