In a recent announcement Acer declared that it would be working with the famous Swedish gaming company Starbreeze, they together intend on producing a virtual reality headset. Acer has not been well in past few years, this could either be an excellent idea or an immense fiasco. As per their joint release on 15th May 2016 both the companies intend on forming a joint venture to design, produce and trade in the StarVR headset.

Last year Starbreeze had announced the StarVR and had become the newest competitor in the busy market of VR headset which has some leading names like Sony’s PlayStation, HTC Vive, and Sony’s PlayStation. If compared to the others, Starbreeze offered some of the best features needed for an amazing VR headset; it is also because Starbreeze proposes a wider field of vision.

Acer and Starbreeze Collaborate to Offer to the World; StarVR Headset
Acer and Starbreeze Collaborate to Offer to the World; StarVR Headset

Starbreeze is a comparatively small company with just about $10 million cash declared at the end of 2015. Development of hardware, marketing and selling the VR headset needs a lot of investment for which the company needs to be financially sound; Starbreeze, unlike its rivals, lacks in finances.

The Taiwanese company Acer doesn’t seem to be in a better position than Starbreeze as they haven’t shown any growth in their annual sales since 2010. However, with $1.2 billion in cash and good engineering skills they can assist a smaller company than theirs to launch their headset in the market. Acer has their know-how in computers; an integral part in the production of a virtual reality headset as in order to provide an immersive 3D experience a concentrated processing of graphics is essential.

Although the PC makers are aware of the gigantic revenues they could roll if they take up the business of virtual reality yet they have not tried their hands in this field. They have just been producing VR ready computers and circulating links of the VR producer’s websites.

With Acer all set to take on the virtual reality system how many computer makers can we expect in the near future to join in the league.


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