With changing, weather comes a change in the way weather updates are viewed. AccuWeather, an American company based in State College, Pennsylvania, is revolutionizing weather forecasting with a virtual reality app for Gear VR.

What is amazing about it is the bizarre and dystopian layout. “AccuWeather — Weather for Life” is the name of this app and is aimed to not only report weather patterns but display them as well. Two major features are: it provides an updated weekly library of 360-degree video for weather events and a service that provides current weather conditions, detailed hourly and daily forecasts.

AccuWeather, a VR weather app with a Dystopian Design
AccuWeather, a VR weather app with a Dystopian Design

It also has an option to “uniquely experience an array of dynamic weather conditions”. These include, but are not limited to, storms and snowfall right as they occur. It is available on the new Samsung flagship phones through the Oculus Store and is free on Samsung Gear VR.

This new way of forecasting the weather has much potential. As an example of the possibilities of this new technology, researchers at Virginia Tech have used this tool to interact with a Tornado, a simulation, of course, helping in their understanding of the phenomenon.

This new app will be an easy and enjoyable experience for many users. Being inside a virtual hurricane or flood would definitely be interesting for many people as usually, one would be finding a safe place to hide in the event of an actual storm without ever being able to marvel at the glory and sheer might of nature.

This app helps bring the masses a safe way of seeing and understanding what they usually run away from, unless of course if storm chasers are counted out.


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