Multiple account support has finally arrived for Instagram on both iOS and Android. Beginning with the version 7.15 update, the applications now allow profile switching between up-to five accounts. The new feature is targeted at marketers and small business owners who frequently need to juggle various accounts.

To enable switching, users first need to connect their accounts by opening their profile settings and touching ‘Add Account’. Switching is easily completed finished by tapping the username at the top of the screen, followed by selecting the name of another account.

In order to avoid confusion when operating multiple accounts, Instagram says the active profile will be indicated by displaying its profile photo, “in places throughout the application”. Accounts can be logged out of collectively or individually, and push notifications can also be turned on for every single connected account.

Users might need to restart the application or empty its cache, depending on their device, to see the feature after updating to version 7.15. Instagram offered no update on when we can expect its Windows 10 Universal application to be released, despite saying in early October the application was being developed.


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