Chatbots have dominated the F8 conference taking place in San Francisco right now, but beneath all that, there has been some exciting news from Facebook also. Facebook announced that they are releasing a lot of tools for developers which will help them build, grow and be able to monetize their apps.

This is despite the fact that Facebook recently shut its Parse development platform. The company still adds new widgets, buttons and APIs.

Account Kit, new Facebook developer tool has push and quote sharing

Account Kit, the new function, is a new plug-in that lets developers sign up with either their phone numbers or their email address. This does not limit them to just their Facebook login as a point of access. This also means more downloads translates to more actual signups. An Indian music service called Saavn, saw a 33 percent hike in their account sign ups after they added phone number signup via Account Kit.

Facebook also has a plugin for web and mobile sites which can create a special type of News Feed story highlighting quotes that users like to share from their texts onto Facebook. Developers also have the option to add a button that can allow users to automatically pull quotes, or make the option surface when people highlight text, thereby removing the tedious copy and paste technique.

Customizable push and in-app functions that are introduced also allow developers to get push campaigns which would help them pull back to their apps. Facebook is also making developer documentation available in 16 languages to help developers spend more time developing rather than translating.

Enhancement to the Facebook’s Analytics for Apps, developers can learn more and more about their users in a more safe and secure, anonymous format. On top of age, gender, country and language, developers can now see other things such as Likes and interests, education level, job title and more.

Developers can then use that information into buying ads that target a specific demographic they are looking for. This all is good news for developers.


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