Tesla, accelerating the era of electric cars. With the world striving towards minimizing the Global Warming and its hazardous effects, there stands a great need to cut short the consumption of the non-renewable products like petroleum, diesel, etc. The major consumers of these natural resources are the vehicles which also leads to severe forms of air pollution.

Therefore, to curb the same, many automobile industries have emerged with the concept of eco-friendly vehicles including electric cars to accelerate one step towards the betterment of the Earth.

Tesla: Accelerating the Era of Electric Cars
Tesla: Accelerating the Era of Electric Cars

One such mega step has been taken by the automobile tycoon Tesla in its mission to launch environmental friendly cars and motors, which do not impose any threat to the natural environment and at the same time suffice the human needs as well.

First Electric Sports Car

The company, which is commonly referred to as Tesla, is an American automobile industry which runs its venture into the energy sector as well; was founded by Elon Musk along with Martin Eberhard, JB Straubel, Ian Wright and Marc Tarpenning; which gained impetus after the launch of its first electric sports car named as Tesla Roadster in the year 2008. Since then, Tesla has never looked back and now standing at a worth of approximately 30 billion dollars, Tesla has established its benchmark in the name of the electric car production and manufacturing.

Tesla is a technology-driven company and unlike the primitive automobile tycoons like the Ford, Honda, Toyota and so more; it aims to establish its name in the global market for providing energy-efficient solutions to the communication problems to curb the effects of Global Warming.

Tesla Smart Car

The company has been labeled as the first in the automobile industry to embark on its journey to manufacture and design a smart car which was software-enabled and can be run using the smartest technological advancements. Tesla has made its mark by bringing up a code to run the cars on their own or supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Therefore, the company went on to hire ex-Google employees to design and implement codes which would make the electric cars self-sufficient, at the same time environmental friendly.

There is one sole reason for the existence of Tesla and that is for the advancement in the advent of the smart electric cars. The automobile industry strives to move the global society towards a sustainable mode of transportation and communication. Therefore, their engineers have come up with a technology to transform its functioning from the primitive internal combustion to fully electric system. With millions of cars getting manufactured every year, there is one such environmental threat created each day. Tesla aims to combat the effects of these environmental threats by inventing its eco-friendly model.

However, the company has to face several barriers on its way to the development of the electric cars – a completely new technological advent. Developing the Electric Vehicle (EV) technology comes at a cost – that too quite considerable, and then striving to make the move viral throughout the globe. With so much of rising competition, Tesla still manages to make its mark in the automobile industry for manufacturing energy-efficient smart electric cars.


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