Annotations have been used for centuries. Highlighting important parts of the text, jotting down comments or expanding on ideas by writing side notes has been a common practice since people invented written the language.

Whether they are used in education or business, annotations proved to be one of the most useful tools for collaboration.

Able2Extract Professional 11: Annotate PDF on Any Operating System
Able2Extract Professional 11: Annotate PDF on Any Operating System

Many professions have adopted digital annotations. The trend gained traction in the last years, mostly because the ultimate benefit of doing so is saving a lot of time and money.

Editors and publishers, teachers and students, lawyers and clients, journalists and editors-in-chief – they are all using them, and there is no reason for you to be left out.

Tools That Will Make You an Annotating Master

Nevertheless, in order for annotations to prove their worth in today’s collaborative settings, they need to be added to the right digital document format.

Collaborators often use different software for document management, running on various operating systems, with more or less stable internet connections at their disposal.

That is exactly why PDFs are the best canvases for annotating. They are lightweight and cross-platform electronic documents, thus perfect for sharing without any concern if the recipient would be able to handle the file and annotations correctly.

Able2Extract Professional 11 – More Than Just a PDF Annotator

The best way to annotate PDF is to use software that will get the job done no matter what operating system your computer is running on.

Able2Extract 11, available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, enables you to add different types of annotations to your PDFs, such as:

  • Markup a PDF document
  • Add comments to PDF
  • Make notes in PDF

Apart from annotating PDFs, Able2Extract 11 can redact and edit PDF content, as well as create PDF, convert scanned and native PDF to a dozen popular file formats – MS Word, Excel, CSV, AutoCAD, and more.

If you are interested in stepping up your annotation game, keep reading as we’ll explain in depth how to add annotations to PDF with Able2Extract 11.

How to Guide to Annotating PDFs with Able2Extract Professional 11

To annotate PDFs with Able2Extract Professional 11, make sure to set the visibility of PDF annotations panel first. Go to the View menu and check the PDF Annotations Panel option.

Annotations are available for PDF documents, only in Conversion mode. There are 10 annotation options:


  1. Add Sticky Note
  2. Insert Link
  3. Stamp PDF
  4. Add Highlight,
  5. Underline,
  6. Add Squiggly
  7. Strike Out
  8. Add Caret
  9. Add Attachment
  10. Add Watermark

There is also a Delete button that will allow you to delete any annotation.

Below available annotations, there are Properties and Comments section.

Properties options will change based on the annotation option you are working with at that moment.

Every comment added to any annotation option can be:

  • Reviewed: Accepted, Rejected, Cancelled, Completed, None
  • Marked
  • Replied
  • Deleted

Let’s now see how to use a specific annotation option. For example, how to stamp your PDF with text.

1) Click on the Stamp PDF button as shown on the image below:

2) When you click the button, a pop-up window with a drop-down menu will appear. Choose the text from the list and click the button OK.

3) Click anywhere on the page for textual stamp to appear. Now you can also adjust the opacity of the textual annotation in the properties section by choosing the percentage that you want.

Once the Stamp is on the PDF page you can move, resize and rotate it.

In a similarly straightforward manner, you can add other available annotations to your PDFs.

There is no doubt that technology is shaping the way professionals work. That is why the importance of having the right tools for handling digital documents is steadily growing.

Since PDFs are here to stay, feature-rich software like Able2Extract Professional 11 can be a “secret weapon” in your productivity toolbox.

From converting PDF to editable formats, to annotating PDFs and collaborating seamlessly with a large team, and everything in between, Able2Extract Professional 11 can help you speed up your working routines and become even more productive.

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