$75 Gift Card For Xbox One Buyer

75$ Gift Code For Xbox One Buyer75$ Gift Code For Xbox One Buyer

Microsoft is hoping to boost sales of its Xbox One this week by offering a free game, and a $75 Microsoft Store gift code, to those purchasing the console from its online and physical stores in the US.

Your choice of free game will be restricted to one of these three alternatives:

  • Assassin’s Creed Unity
  • The Crew
  • Watch Dogs

The $75 gift code can be redeemed against any buy in the Microsoft Store, although you’ll have to wait until your next buy to redeem it, rather than being able to apply it immediately towards the cost of the Xbox One.

The free gift code will be included “with select Xbox One consoles” until February 15, yet the offer of the free game has been available since before Christmas, and will proceed until March 31, or “while supplies last”. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of this deal, however, it’s most likely best not to wait too long if you want to guarantee that you get your preferred game.

Microsoft is also offering $10 off a 3-month Xbox Live Gold membership, bringing its cost down to $14.99.

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