Days of spelling out words like bacon, avocado, Facepalm and more in the text messages or during chatting will be over soon and users can easily express their mind by choosing the proper emoji from vast options available. The reason is an annual addition to the Unicode emoji library is already approved that indicates 72 new emojis are on the way to be available on your phone. The new emojis are set to be released by Unicode Consortium in Unicode 9.0 on 21st June. Unicode Consortium is the one to decide about the universal emoji roster.

New Emojis will be Added in Unicode Later This Month

Even though this new emojis will be added in Unicode later this month but users need to wait for some time to get them in their device until the companies embrace them in their mobile software. Another good news is that the new version of Android and iOS both will due this fall.

New emojis
New emojis

Around two dozen smiley and people emojis including Pinocchio face, ROTFL face, facepalm, a sneezing face, clown face, and a pregnant woman are included in the new emoji list while you can also go for the new food offerings such as pickle, shrimp, potato, kiwi, whiskey glass, peanuts, croissant etc. Around 14 new animal and natural emojis are added in the library which is a good news for an animal lover. Bat, duck, owl, deer, fox, and rhino are some example of the animal emojis.

Activities emojis such as boxers, Jugglers, and martial artists are presented while travel and places emojis like drum and scooter is also available in the list. That is most of the things are available in the emoji library which makes chatting and texting more interesting by reducing the effort of typing.

So, stay tuned to make use of the emojis as soon as these are available on your device.


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