As per a recent research was done by Expressly, it has been revealed that as many as 70% of the Brits are unaware about the key indicators to consider a safe website. This figure comes despite the fact that around 92% of the individuals are aware that there are certain risks related to online shopping.

The online shopping experts have revealed that this is a surprise that with such a great proportion of the population is aware of the probable risks in the online shopping. Still, there is widespread ignorance of the parameters on which the risks are based. To make people realize the importance of the knowledge about the risks involved with online shopping, Expressly is creating awareness.

70% of Brits Can’t Identify a Safe Website
70% of Brits Can’t Identify a Safe Website

This is about the safer ways to do online shopping, what exactly the online shopper should look out for, and ensure a safer online shopping experience.

Reputed Websites

Around 29 percent of the Brits are worried about the potential risks about falling victim to scams or fraudulent cases of online shopping. Therefore, the majority of the Brits prefer shopping only from the reputed websites. This preference is despite the fact that they are not even aware of the exact characteristics that might make these shopping sites reliable. Expressly aims to encourage the online shoppers to look out for some simple parameters to ensure safer shopping experience.

Co-Founder of Expressly, Fabrizio Fantini, explains that one of the most major and immediate ways to ensure the safety of the online shopping transaction is to look out for “padlock” symbol. The online shoppers can also spot the “https” (where ‘s‘ stands for security). This symbol usually appears on the web address on the browser. The presence of these symbols signifies that the connection link between the website and the user is encrypted and thus ensures safety. This is a reliable indication that the customers are shopping from the secure online store.

Safe Website, Secure Shopping

While shopping online, the customers must be attentive about several indicators to ensure secure shopping. They can call the store customer care number and ensure the same. The type of answer given by the customer care unit of the particular online store would also ensure the reliability of the particular platform. The online shoppers must ensure that the site offers reliable returns and refunds policy. This is another indication of the reliability of the particular online e-commerce website.

As per the reports, Expressly has stated that around 28 percent of the online shopping experience can be considered secure in which the sites offer a particular human element like excellent customer care experience. Expressly recommends that the users must shop from sites with relevant content and effective products and services to evade the security concerns.

To increase awareness about making the proper judgment of the secure website, Expressly emphasize the importance of the increased education about the ways customers can stay safe online. When the e-commerce businesses will embrace the vision of Expressly, the residents of the UK will begin to trust the sites and will enjoy a stress-free online shopping experience.


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