One more revolution started in the world of high band spectrum very recently when FCC chairman rod Tom Wheeler delivered a speech that they are jump starting the 5G wireless revolution soon. No doubt this bombardment will initiate a fresh competition among the popular US telecom AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile etc.

While delivering the speech at the National Press club, Wheel mentioned that in order to stay as the lead of Wireless, US should take the initiative in transferring 4G to 5G mobile connectivity. He also stated that there are several technologies that especially require 5G connectivity in order to have the full potential. For example, virtual reality, self-driving cars, and Internet of things are such stuff to be in need of 5G connection.

5G Wireless Revolution Is Just Started
5G Wireless Revolution Is Just Started

To kick-start this 5G wireless revolution process, Wheel will appeal to the rest members of FCC and will throw a proposal of new rules that is mainly to identify and open up massive amount of spectrum for 5G connectivity applications. FCC is going to hold a vote on this mentioned proposal on July 14th and the result will decide the deployment of 5G.

The Result Will Decide The Deployment of 5G

The largest wireless carriers have already planned and some of them are planning for a 5G future but it may take some extra time for the new standard to reach mass market and it is expected that the whole market will receive it by 2020 while in the meantime, many of the big carriers will struggle for wireless subscribing in the 4G network.

Most of the major carriers such as AT&T, Verizone and T-Mobile are said to conduct various 5G tests this year while Sprint too indicated regarding its 5G deployment capabilities on a promotional tour. With all these, it is important to mention that while this 5G connection will arrive in the market, it will offer tenfold performance over 4G that will bring up a new era of mobile productivity.


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