All the nations love the quick internet, because of this, every most important telecom is working seriously to making the speed better than the present best of the internet. In the future, most of the gadget like Smartphone, cars, watches, television, door locks and much more devices will get the ability to connect to the internet. Like 4G and 3G, now the 5G technology is coming in 2020 to getting overcome all the internet devices.

5G is also a wireless connection that will be built particularly to keep up having the proliferation of all that tools which need a wireless internet connection.

5G Technology - The Fastest Internet
5G Technology – The Fastest Internet

According to the prediction of Gartner, it could be working with more than 20.8 billion devices in 2020. If we compare it now, there are approximately 6.4 billion devices in the link in the world. A lot of devices are asking for some more speedy connection.

The downloading speed will be increased equal to 10 gigabits per second having a 5G internet; it means the user will be able to download a jam-packed HD movie in a few seconds. 5G will provide wireless broadband the ability it needs to control billion of connected machines that will approach our houses and workplaces.

5G has its existence in some testing locations of United States. The Verizon has announced that it is going to launch 5G for trials at some of the places in Texas, New Jersey, and Oregon. AT&T has going to begin 5G technology in its personal labs earlier than permanent hosting.

No doubt that both are the above nations Verizon and AT&T are huge internet service suppliers and now testing 5G but yet we should not have any expectation to see 5G soon. The telecom specialists predict that it will not be generally accessible until 2020. We still have to wait 3 more years to enjoy the much faster internet.


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