Facebook introduced some new features along with adding new services over the last few weeks that was uncovered in the Facebook Developer Conference. The features are really interesting and will improve your overall Facebook experience. 5 such Facebook tweaks are listed here.

5 Facebook Tweak

Better News Feed

Facebook tried to make the news feed more subjective and unique. It helps you stay connected with all family, friends and others in a far better way. Just browse through your news feed and it will display all the posts from family friends over other media post. If you like a post or photo of your friend, you will soon see the post from them in your news feed. Also, Facebook tries understanding your liking and present the news stories according to that.

Multilingual Composer

This is the best of all. This tool lets you translate your message in the language you want to send it to your friends. For example, if you have a friend in France and you want him to send a message in French, just type in English and translate it into French. To do so, head towards language settings>post in multiple languages and then choose your selective language.

11,000 bots in Facebook Messenger

Around 11,000 bots are available in Facebook Messenger that can perfectly keep you busy all through the day.

FacebookImproved Cellular Connectivity in Remote Areas

Facebook has come up with a new ‘openCellular’ system that is an open source cellular system which allows users to start their own mobile network across the globe. So, this is a big advantage for all those who keep on visiting some remote areas very often.

Facebook Messenger Platform 1.1

This new platform of Messenger has a lot to offer to the users such as it let you share videos, GIFs, audio along with the text. Also, it is powered with 10 dynamic buttons for the quick reply. All the buttons have template messages for quick reply.


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