The rapid growth of technology has caused a lot to evolve in today’s world. From discovering cures to previously incurable diseases to creating ways to make our lives better and much easier, technology has helped unravel many mysteries in this world and will continue to do the same for years to come.

Here we decide to take a look at some of the most interesting facts that have been brought to light during this year.

5 Surprising Facts Technology Has So Far Revealed This Year
5 Surprising Facts Technology Has So Far Revealed This Year

Up To 72% Of Humans Have Creative Insights While Taking A Shower

What was long considered a myth has finally been proven to be true. Letting your mind wander while taking a shower can boost your creativity. The complete isolation during a shower makes it a great place to make creative breakthroughs and come up with ideas. Celebrities like Woody Allen have long touted the creative benefits associated with taking a long, hot water bath, but this fact is not just restricted to celebrities.

A study by Scott Barry Kaufman has shown that up to 72 % of people interviewed in a survey have said that they have come up with creative ideas in the shower.

Songbirds Can Hear Incoming Storms

Again, this is another myth that has long been believed but has only now confirmed by technological advances. This breakthrough was done by fitting 5 golden-winged warblers with geo locaters. The golden-winged warblers abruptly returned from their wintering region back towards the south of Florida’s coast.

Forty-eight hours later, massive tornadoes wreaked havoc through the southeast of the United States. After the tornadoes had passed, these birds returned back to Tennessee. It was found after that that these storms emit the sound that is below the hearing range of humans. Birds, on the other hand, can easily hear these and so know when to move away from the path of these tornadoes.

Thirty Thousand Websites Are Hacked On A Daily Basis

Cybercriminals are estimated to hack into a whopping thirty thousand websites every day. For website owners, this is enough incentive to safeguard your website on all corners.

Cybercriminals now have tools that allow them to scan the internet for vulnerable websites so the next time you hire magento developer, remember to tell the developer and the magento development company to take all the necessary precautions to safeguard the website.

China Has Treatment Units For Those With An Addiction To The Internet

Yes, you read that right! This is because up to two hundred million internet users in the country are those in the age group of fifteen to thirty-five, which means they can easily lose control of themselves.

According to Tao Ran, director of one of these treatment camps, up to forty percent of the patients undergo attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Bots And Malware Generate Most Of The Traffic On The Internet

A study conducted by Incapsula has brought to light that up to sixty-one percent of the traffic on the internet is caused by bots and malware. That is almost two-thirds of the traffic!

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