The Internet is loaded with upscale information. It can be a great resource for your children to learn things, socialize with people and entertain themselves. Of course, there is also a destructive side of the Internet, for this reason, many families install and use android parental control applications on their home computers.

With the help of android parental control apps, you’ll be able to monitor your child’s online activities. Keeping a check through this software is mainly about your offspring’s safety. By understanding what an android parental control application actually does, can help you make a more informed decision.

5 Reasons of Installing an Android Parental Control Application!!!
5 Reasons of Installing an Android Parental Control Application!!!

The following five reasons may convince you that this is indeed an important safety step to protect your children.

1. Threat of Cyber Bullies

Bullying used to be a problem in classrooms and on playgrounds, but now it’s the part of our social media. Bullying on the Internet is a problem that needs immediate resolution. Children who are victims of cyber-bullies sometimes become suicidal and go as far as to kill themselves, to escape the onslaught of threats and insults. Sadly, many children who are victims of bullying don’t express themselves. Mostly, parents don’t find out because their children are too embarrassed to tell them. Through these android applications, you can be alerted to a potential cyber-bullying problem so you can resolve it before it spirals out of control.

2. Exposure to Adult Content

Within the last year 42% of children aged 10 – 17 are reported seeing pornography online and 66% of children say that they were not willing to view these images. Beyond pornographic materials, there are also plenty of inappropriate places around the web that can expose your child to violence, drugs, alcohol use, gambling, and more that is not age-appropriate.

You can block your child’s access to sites intended only for adults by using the Android parental control app. Through these applications, you can change the settings so that the information your child accesses online is more age appropriate.

3. Safety from Predators

A significant concern for many parents are Predators targeting children online. A recent study shows that 20% of children have been approached and exploited by adults online. Therefore, parents cannot take any chances when it comes to potential pedophiles or criminals getting in contact with kids and teens. Parents can use android parental controls to block chat sites and social networks where your child could be in touch with these folks.

4. Prevention of Internet Addiction

Addiction of anything is not good, if your kids are addicted to the internet it can damage them in so many ways. With so much stuff available on the internet, it is easy for anyone to surf the web for hours without realizing where the time. This can keep your child away from doing homework, enjoying physical activities, or socializing with friends due to an online addiction. The Android parental control applications usually offer features that can help you keep your child’s internet use appropriate.

5. You can’t always be there

The biggest reason why families should install android parental control application is because they can’t be around their children all the time. By installing these applications, you can not only monitor their internet use but also protect them when needed.

FamilyTime – Android Parental Control

FamilyTime – Android Parental Control
FamilyTime – Android Parental Control

With these reasons, every parent would want to use these apps. There are many options available in the market but the one being preferred by the majority of parents is FamilyTime. Using the FamilyTime – Android parental control app, parents can:

I. Monitoring Web-history and Bookmarks

Parents can view their teens’ complete web-browser history and the website their children have bookmarked on their phone/tab.

II. View contacts

Using the app, you can view contacts saved on your child’s device just the way they appear on your kids’ phone/tab, along with additional details i.e. email, address, birthday, etc.

III. View call logs

Keep an eye on who your child connects with using the phone and view the complete call log along with the date and time stamps.

IV. Watchlist contacts

If you find a suspicious contact in their contact list, Watchlist it to receive alerts every time the contact is made by either party.

V. View installed apps

Access the complete list of apps installed in their phone/tab.

VI. Blacklist apps

After you go through the apps installed on your kid’s phone, you can Blacklist any app you find inappropriate for them.

VII. Track app usage frequency

Keep track of their app usage frequency and analyze the time they spend on each application.

VIII. Remotely lock phone

Have a control over your child’s device. With this app, you can remotely put a lock on their phone either to reduce their screen time or safeguard the private data in it.

The app offers a bundle of other features too. Explore those yourself by giving this app a free try. You can download the app now from the app store on your phone.


  1. Yes, I think that all parents should install parental control apps, and every school should use it as well. Kids are very addicted to devices. I think that it is very bad. I use Kidslox. I don’t wan to spy on my kid, so this app has just all the features I need. I explained to my kid that he can’t just constantly watch cartoons and play games. We agreed that he can use his device 1 hour and a half within the week and 2 hours on weekend days. My son understands why we are using the app. So, works fine for us.


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