Gaming has evolved to be an entirely different realm where its all about making the games as real as it can get involving human movements through the introduction of VR and Artificial Intelligence. Finding batteries for your Gameboy and Sony’s Saga are close to extinction. Online gaming has shaken the world by storm, and it has multiple open markets.

Gaming is no longer a pass time, it’s an actual sport where gamers around the world compete in the most challenging games. According to Newzoo’s report

There are 2.2 billion active gamers in the world, of which 47%, or 1.0 billion gamers, spend money while playing. These gamers are expected to generate $108.9 billion in game revenues in 2017.

5 Cyber Security Tips For Gamers
5 Cyber Security Tips For Gamers

Identity Theft

No matter what you are doing online, cybercriminals are looking for ways to collect your personal information, and Online gaming is one of them where gamers info is targeted to harass them. Gaming online when you’re connected over the internet leads to interaction with other gamers through the multi-chat option where you talk to multiple at the same time.

It must come as a shock, but these chats can be used to acquire your personal information if the chats are encrypted with a lethal software/worm that breaks into your gaming profile.

As a safety precaution its suggested to avoid and ignore sharing private and personal information over these chats. To be more secure while creating an online profile, try to be as anonymous as possible and avoid your real name, contact, address details as it would lead to gaming thefts.

Avoid Real Pictures For Creating Profile

IoT succeeded in to integrate and connect all platforms and devices due to which everything can be accessed as the world has gotten smaller as it seems leading to the facility of finding anything online, whether its illegal. Keep that aside, a lot of gaming websites have a different tab for you to launch and create for profiles and a common habit by many is to post their real pictures. What could that picture do?

Many are living in a lie that they are safe; their information is secure online. That’s a myth! Anyone would search your image through facial recognition and find out your real name, address, credentials and which platforms you are integrated on. Thumb rule always uses an avatar, especially if you are an online gamer. Having an Avatar reduces the risk of your identity being exposed.

Avoid Phishing

Businessmen, employees, and students, you name it they all receive scam emails which are a hoax on a daily basis and fail to categorize them. They are called “Phishing“. Its when scammers send you multiple fake emails and offer through all the social platforms with a link to another bogus website. Online hackers are persistent in aiming to defraud you of your credentials, snatching your data as soon as you click on the fake link. The same method is being used for gamers as well.

How? Hackers create a hoax website of an online game where these cybercriminals engage gamers in changing their passwords. If they fail to comply, these hackers cancel or block gamers profile and removing them from the game permanently. Losing a gaming account is worse than losing a person for a gamer. There is also a high chance the account is sold to the highest bidder online and on the black market.

If you are new to online gaming chances are no one will notice you, but as soon as you climb the ladder, things will be different. Be cautious and type in the page yourself.

Get Hold Of A VPN

You are never 100% secure, but that doesn’t mean you give up and stop protecting yourself. Having a VPN can change your thought process as it will undoubtedly increase chances of you being safe. Virtual Private Network is a software which allows you to switch your IP address to a one of your choice which allows all your online traffic to browse through that IP address while your real IP will be safe and hidden.

What good does that do? By having a VPN, your real identity will be masked, and you will have the ability to browse the internet undetected and anonymous. For gamers, this will be the ultimate choice since like mentioned earlier. The more you play, the more attention you’ll gain from other gamers.

Even if a gamer tries to locate or track you, he will fail miserably as you will be using an alternate IP address that will not trace back to you. Its end to end encrypted keeping all your messages and chats impenetrable. Then again on the surface level, all this seems straightforward, in reality, it’s not. You need gaming VPNs, which are designed for gamers for better protection. These VPNs at times keep logs which are a physical trace of your activities. Check out Fast Gaming VPNs which are 100% authentic and will surely keep your anonymous.

Shielding Device From Being Compromised

For many, gaming ceases to exist, but for gamers, gaming is like a religion. Follow it and worship it. It’s a universal thumb rule that a lion never opts to prey on a single animal. They try to look for groups to penetrate as more victim means better chances. That’s how it is in the gaming world. Hackers target those who are high in number, and online gaming platforms provide the best opportunity to spread malware and viruses.

These hackers create fake updates of games and game utilities while allowing gamers to think it will benefit their game speeds but the opposite happens, and they face lags and hangs. We talked earlier about Phishing, and it’s the best-known way to spread a malicious app in the form of Gifs and chats. To counter that it’s better to update game whenever an update arrives manually. That way the gamer will be sound of what update is being uploaded.


Its safe to say, there is no place online where you will find yourself and your private data secure. As soon as you are connected over the Wi-Fi, chances are you have been targeted as a mule by hackers. That’s just hearsay, hackers do not leave any opportunity to penetrate your devices, which is why they entered the online gaming market.

Since online gaming is on a purge level, having more and more entrants on a daily basis while it poses an excellent opportunity for cybercriminals to target weak gamers. It’s better to equip yourself with everything you can get to keep your gaming profiles safe. For that go through these 5 tips, and surely you’ll have a better stance at defending yourself from losing your gaming profile.

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