In the old days, consoles couldn’t come close to PCs. The computational power and the overall output of a PC were far greater than any console, save for the Play Station 2 which was actually better than the PCs of its time. Only now have the consoles caught up, with new generation versions such as the XBOX ONE and the PS4. The new generation of consoles also now have a member among their ranks that can play 4K video.

The Sony Play Station 4 Pro was already capable of rendering graphics in 4K resolutions and now with an update will be able to support 4K video playback as well. The video can be sourced from external storage or from the home server. The new update will allow the preinstalled media player full 4K support.

4K Video will now be Playable on the PS4
4K Video will now be Playable on the PS4

In addition to watching videos from storage devices, the update will help enhance the Virtual Reality experience of those who own a Sony Play Station VR in addition to a PS4 Pro. The rendered VR content will have greater image quality thanks to greater resolution and it will be able to capture and playback 360 degrees 4K footage. However, there are a few hitches here there.

For instance, only the mp4 format is supported and popular formats, such as MKV, lack support. Also, USB drives that have been used as external storage spaces for games of the PS4 Pro and related data cannot be used as sources for video. The PS VR is in its early days too and may not have a lot of content.

It seems as if 4K videos for the new update may be hard to find. Sony also lacks a video store. Unlike Netflix or Hulu, there is no 4K streaming service by Sony. Sony’s 4K video strategy still seems to be focused primarily on gaming rather than streaming.


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