As initially guaranteed back in January, YouTube has formally started supporting 360 degree video formats in the majority part of its mobile and web platforms. It’s a smart move, particularly considering the growing interest for substance starved virtual reality stages.

YouTube says it will support 360 video seeing in its current YouTube Android application, on YouTube’s site, and in embedded videos on Chrome. Mobile clients can tilt their gadget arund to conform the perspective, much like you would with an increased reality experience, while on the desktop, viewers can use their mouse to drag the video and see new angles. iPhone and iPad support isn’t accessible yet, however it ought to be accessible later on.

Google is working with various cams and manufacturers, including Bublcam, Giroptic’s 360cam, IC Real Tech’s Allie, Kodak’s SP360 and the Ricoh Theta, so that the 360 videos they catch are easy to upload to transfer to YouTube. Later on, Google will include additional features like auto-identifying when a 360-degree video has been uploaded, the ability to include filters (because what is life when its not saw through a vaguely retro lens?), and better search functionality for discovering these videos.

360 degree video may not be pervasive yet, however a growing number of hardware and software are supporting the form. The Samsung Gear VR, which straps a Galaxy Note 4 to your face with head-tracking goggles, is tingling for substance past Google Street View videos and a modest bunch of gaming titles. Mobile applications like Fyuse, which presents itself as a “spatial photography” offering, also take advantage of the creativity 360 video can give.

Google has more insights about the specialized necessities for 360 videos on Github (you’ll have to run a script on your video to guarantee its equipped with the best possible metadata), and additionally on its YouTube Creators blog. There are still various steps YouTube and its hardware partners need to take before its seamless and pervasive. Yet its an important initial step towards the completely immersive video experience you’ve been dreaming of since your first View-Master.


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