Technology is fast growing, and one of the focuses is automobiles with the improved use of linear actuators. Engineers in the automobile industry are using linear actuator IP-66 to automate processes, provide remote monitoring of cars and thus, making most tedious manual aspects of cars easier to maneuver. These are some of the advanced car technologies that we expect in the showrooms by 2020:

  1. Supercar with Four-Cylinder

    We have seen the all new GT supercar that is using a twin-turbo V6. It is great because a lightweight V6 engine that offers 600 horsepower is a threat for other supercars. Most customary performance fanatics might not love this new tech but who can resist the first full-grown, four-cylinder engine supercar going more than 200 mph?

  2. Active Window Displays

    Picture yourself using a navigation system that lets you know about the next turn. That’s what Head-Up Display (HUD) technology is working on currently.

  3. Autonomous Vehicle

    Innovation that will see cars that can drive without human oversight is one of the major technological advancement that we are all looking forward to. Most probably by 2020, we will be having fully autonomous vehicles that will be in control even in extreme weather conditions.

    Top 10 Technology Advancement - Autonomous Vehicle

  4. Biometric Vehicle Access

    The recent development of keyless entry will very soon be replaced with biometric access. The only thing you will need to unlock or start your car will be your eyeball through retina scanners or your fingerprint.

    Top 10 Technology Advancement - Biometric Vehicle Access

  5. Driver Override Systems

    It is all about giving the car all the control meaning the car will be trusted to make wise decisions than you. When autonomous technology comes to life, the car will be able to have full control of the car.

  6. Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking

    It is definitely in the interest of insurance and state governments. It will enable the tracking of your behavior as a driver. Don’t be shocked to see insurance companies in 2020 making driver tracking mandatory.

  7. Remote Vehicle Shutdown

    This revolutionary engineering is not a long way from coming to reality. We have seen police use this technology to shut down stolen vehicles, which has saved lives. The shocking fact is that most drivers don’t even know that this can be done.

  8. Personalized In-Car Marketing

    Social media has changed our lives in various dimensions. In 2020 an ordinary car will be fully connected to the internet, this only means that marketers can use this to adapt every ad to an individual driver, which you can easily get on your car display.

    Top 10 Technology Advancement - Personalized In-Car Marketing

  9. Reconfigurable Body Parts

    Imagine an SUV and truck in one vehicle, with the increased demand for small SUV cars and also trucks; the plan is to have a sort of hybrid. The only thing is that the SUV will have lightweight body panels that include an advanced motor for retracting the roof and slide glass into the car’s body panel.

  10. Active Health Monitoring for Drivers

    The idea of using the steering wheel and seatbelt sensors to monitor the health of drivers has been conceived and is still developing. Wearable technology is also being developed to monitor health and contact paramedics in cases of emergency like during a heart attack.

    Top 10 Technology Advancement - Active Health Monitoring for Drivers


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