A firm manufacturing diamonds to utilize in electronic goods claims to bring in light a commercial gadget with diamond screens by the end of 2017.

A smartphone with glass screen or a glass cover will not make it completely splash-proof and shatter-proof. The present era has brought a new technological nightmare that is to sit disappointed with a cracked phone screen. But this nightmare might be out of our memory by the end of 2017 as the company claims to use diamonds in display-making.

2017 May End with Diamond Screens in Smartphones
2017 May End with Diamond Screens in Smartphones

CNET cites CEO of Akhan Semiconductor, Adam Khan, who asserts that diamond display will be harder, stronger and cleaner than the present screen option.

Mirage Diamond Glass

He uses the term Mirage Diamond Glass for his upcoming project of diamond glass and confirms that the organization is in contact with several smartphone vendors.

According to several reports, they are working with only one smartphone firm right now. Just like this, Akhan Semiconductor Company claims that they are also in touch with a wearable organization.

According to a report, the settlement to restrict smartphone vendors is “partly due to supply and partly to give the winning device maker something exclusive to boast about.” The diamond manufacturers for electronic use, Akhan Semiconductor, devices to produce around 10-30 million handsets diamond display and below than 1 million displays for wearable companies.

Gorilla Glass

Khan additionally says that using diamond over Gorilla Glass or regular glass will produce 6 times even harder and stronger surface. He further adds that this project will also handle with overheating issue rightly.

Like all other shatter-proof solutions, the diamond glass display will also make the overall price go up for the product. But Khan does not agree, he says that “pricing will be competitive” with other renowned shatter-proof solutions in the market.


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