World-renowned 3D sound technology, to eliminate the “head effect“, enhance the sense of space and the sense of position, to bring the real experience to the user.

1MORE VRX Gaming Headphones With Waves Nx Head Tracking
1MORE VRX Gaming Headphones With Waves Nx Head Tracking

7.1 Channel System

From the advanced home theater stereo channel system design, establish a set of sound field for listener which is relatively balanced in front and rear sound field. Listening can be more realistic, more accurate and bring the sound from real life.

50mm Large-Diameter Moving Coil Unit

Aerospace composite metal diaphragm moving coil unit, powerful low-frequency, rich detail, and a balanced, surging feeling

Dual Mic Noise Reduction

ENC patent, dual Mic noise reduction, enhanced call quality. Not only for the public game environment, when it is used as a common music headphone, but also for the outdoor noisy environment in the call scene.

Customiz-able LED Lights

Lights with the music volume, call volume change in light and shade, the user can define the light color.

When the game is in a tense moment, the user can be based on the light color of the microphone line The whether the user’s voice is large enough. The LED lamp can be income headphones, can be used as ordinary music headphones.

Lightweight Body Design, Moderate Weight

The body quality of about 300g, a greater consideration for the user wearing a long time comfortably.

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