At the beginning of this month, Microsoft cut 15% off the cost of the Band 2 in the UK, in a promotion that finished on February 5. But that deal is back again already, cutting £30 off the cost of the health and fitness focused wearable gadget.

The Band 2 is usually valued at £199.99, however the 15% discount brings that down to £169.99 – the same cost at which the first-generation Band was initially sold in the UK.

By small print on the Microsoft Store site, this latest deal began yesterday, but unlike the last one, it’s because of last more than only a couple of days – you’ll be able to get the Band 2 at the lower cost until February 29.

Amazon Band 2 Price
Amazon Band 2 Price

The offer is also available through Amazon UK, curiously, the full £30 discount just extends to the small and medium-sized versions of the Band 2 there; the large model is currently priced at just over £197 – a discount of only 1% on its regular cost.


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