The Galaxy S5 was launched in 2014 by Samsung at Mobile World Congress. The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone comes with lots new features and configurations.

In this article, we have mentioned top 10 reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone.

10 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S5
10 Reasons to Buy Samsung Galaxy S5

1. Simple Body Design

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with its signature body design like other Samsung Galaxy device. The Galaxy S5 smartphone comes with simple, New, Clear and more intuitive User Interface that let you operate Galaxy S5 more easily without any problem. With new user Interface, icon and tools are more visible and very easier to navigate them.

2. Display

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone comes with 5.1 inches FHD Super AMOLED display that supports up to 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution with 432 ppi. The Galaxy S5 comes with high-class sensors with an algorithm to change the screen brightness automatically in low light conditions to protect your eyes against from harmful blue light. The display supports a super dimming mode that can drop brightness down to 2cd/m2 rate.

3. Water resistant and dust resistant

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone comes with the latest technology of Water Resistant and Dust Resistant. The device has IP67 certification which means your Samsung Galaxy S5 is a full water and dust resistant, so you don’t have to worry about everyday accidents.

4. Decent Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with best in class camera sensors that allow you to capture every moment without compromising quality. The Galaxy S5 has 16.0 megapixels of Sony’s CMOS sensor autofocus primary camera with LED flashlight.

The primary camera can record up to 3840x 2160 pixels resolution UHD 4K videos at 30fps of rate. For selfies, it has 2.0 megapixels of CMOS sensor fixed focus front facing camera. The front facing camera also able to capture high-quality picture and videos at 30fps. The Main camera also features a built-in High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode which also helps you to improve that contrast in your photos and video.

5. Fingerprint Security

For more security, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with a fingerprint sensor that let you unlock your smartphone within few seconds. The built-in fingerprint sensor also able to secure your online payments by recognizing your fingerprints.

6. High-Speed Connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone comes with latest 5th Generation WiFi 802.11 AC b/g/n with MIMO 2×2 wireless technology that provides a faster data transfer connectivity. For 4G LTE connectivity, the device equipped with standard category 4 LTE for faster data transfer speed on 4G LTE network. It also has MIMO technology that allows you to combine your Wifi Connections for more fast connectivity and it also has built-in download booster technology.

7. Emergency Mode

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with unique Emergency Mode. The Emergency Mode of your smartphone allows you to extend your smartphone’s standby time if you are in any emergency condition. If you have activated this mode on your Galaxy S5 smartphone, the display brightness automatically decrease.

When you enable this mode on Galaxy S5 smartphone, the home screen will automatically change into a black color theme to save your battery. But still, in the Emergency Mode, you can make a phone call or emergency calls. You can also turn on Torch, and you can send your location info to others via message.

8. Kids Mode

Kids mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is a new and unique feature that adapts the new limited user interface, especially for children. The new User Interface displays the animations for a kid and also show only apps that installed especially for them on Galaxy S5. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has an inbuilt App Store with educational and entertaining games and applications for children.

9. Smart Battery Management

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone comes with smart battery management technology. The Ultra Power Saving Mode allow you to save your device’s battery talk time for 24 hours when only 10% battery remaining.

This feature also allows you to make calls and also you can send messages. The Ultra Power Saving mode provides a long battery backup time and 12 hours of extended video playback time.

10. Enhanced S Health Tool v3

The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone comes with personal health trainer that help you stay healthy and fit. The Galaxy S comes with built-in Fitness Tracker sensor mounted on the back side of the device.

The Fitness Tracker also manage and monitor the steps you take every day in your life. It also supports a pedometer tool to manage diet, heart rate monitor record and exercise records.


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